Boise to Missoula is a 380 mile ride via the Payette River & Northwest Passage Scenic Byways over Lolo Pass.

Payette Lake at the southwest side in McCall by the public restroom facility. Do you suppose the little boy cried fowl? ;^)

Salmon River facing north from Big Salmon River Rd bridge in Riggins where we stopped for fuel.

White Bird Hill with southeast view of Old Highway 95 winding downhill towards Grangeville.

South Fork Clearwater River just past the junction of Mt. Idaho Grade Rd and SR-14 going east towards Elk City.

Kooskia is where we grabbed lunch at the Rivers Cafe (good food and service!) after gassing up at the nearby Conoco.

Lochsa River from bridge on Selway Rd by the Three Rivers Resort in Lowell where the Middle Fork Clearwater River joins the Selway River and Lochsa River.

Selway River wanders southeast from the Selway Rd bridge in Lowell. Could feel the bridge shuddering as vehicles drove over it. =8^O

Lowell was a busy little town as it has fuel, convenience store, cafe, and whitewater rafting trips. Quite a few motorcyclists stopped here.

Winding Road Next 77 Miles sign is located just east of Lowell alongside the Lochsa River. Photos of this road sign have been posted by many motorcyclists all over the internet.

Lochsa River has quite a few bridges, and this wooden one west of Powell is strictly for pedestrians headed towards the trailhead.

Lochsa River from the wooden bridge facing east. Was on this same bridge back in September of 2003 with Kurt and Kyle.

Lolo Pass is at an elevation of 5235' and is right at the Idaho/Montana state line.

Lolo Pass sign on exterior wall of the Visitor Center with Montana to the east and Idaho to the west.

Lolo Pass Visitor Center is located in a very serene area, and has large, comfortable public restrooms. :)

Missoula County, Montana - guess we're not in Idaho anymore, eh? We followed that winding road east downhill to Lolo Hot Springs.

Lolo Hot Springs Resort has this eatery and saloon where we celebrated our arrival in Montana with a couple of Moose Drools on tap before riding out to our Super 8 motel in Missoula for the night.

Missoula to Boise along the Bitterroot Mountains, Salmon River Scenic Byway, and Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway was also a 380 mile day. Our stops were in Lolo for fuel, Lost Trail Pass, Chief Joseph Pass, Salmon, Challis for lunch, Stanley for fuel, Lowman for cold ones, and a final butt break at Mores Creek Summit enroute to Boise.

Lost Trail Pass was our first butt break after getting fuel in Lolo, and has a small visitor center, and well equipped restrooms.

Salmon River Scenic Byway is the route we followed from Lost Trail Summit to Stanley.

Lost Trail Summit on Hwy 93 has steep, low-speed twisties on both sides. This pic was taken at the northeast jct to Hwy 43.

Chief Joseph Pass, on the Continental Divide, is about a mile east of Lost Trail Pass via Hwy 43 to Big Hole Nat'l Battlefield and Wisdom, MT.

Lower Stanley. Man, had to pull over just outside town at the last minute for this magnificient view of the Sawtooth Mountains and Salmon River. Jack, who was ahead of me, can be seen riding back to the turnout here.

Lowman. This old International flatbed truck is parked next door to the Haven Cafe. We stopped here for refreshments (was a very hot day) after parking in the shade next to a '76 BMW R90 and a couple of DynaGlides from Northern Idaho.

SH-21 running south from Lowman to Idaho City is a very challenging route. This shows the northern half of those tight twisties.

Mores Creek Summit where we had our last butt break before riding non-stop to my digs in Boise, is located roughly halfway between Lowman and Idaho City.